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Climate Change Will Not Wait for Constitutional Transformation?

An opinion piece by Isabelle Pou He pai ake te iti i te kore. A little is better than none. On 7 ...
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Legalwise Immigration Law Summit held in Auckland to discuss immigration policies and practices.

Legalwise Immigration Law Summit held In Auckland

On 25 March 2022, the Legalwise Immigration Law Summit was held in Auckland. Joining leading specialists to discuss immigration priorities, ...
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Defamation and allegations against a person

What Can Be Done About Defamation?

A common question we are asked is what can be done if, during the course of litigation, the other party ...
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The Moana Case, the care of non-kin

The “Moana” Case: The Care of Non-kin

In May 2022, Dixon & Co Lawyers appeared in the High Court appeal before Cull J about the care arrangements ...
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New home front view showing a well-lit driveway bought with help of Kiwisaver.

How To Buy Your New Home With Kiwsaver

There are two ways Kiwsaver can help first-home buyers: The Kiwsaver First Home Withdrawal and The Kiwsaver First Home Grant.Buy ...
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How to divide relationship property in a divorce. Protection of rights. Conflict resolution. Family Court. Justice. Disputes over fair division of marital property.

How Do You Divide Relationship Property?

There is a general presumption that a couple’s property will be divided equally between them.  There are exceptions to this ...
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Maori father holding his child - care of children

Tamariki Māori And The Family Court: How Cultural Evidence Can Help Whānau Māori

Learn about Cultural Background & The Care of Children Act 2004, made to address the inequities, institutional racism and unconscious ...
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Legalwise Immigration Law Summit held in Auckland to discuss immigration policies and practices.

Filing An Employment Dispute

Employers, employees and unions can apply to the Authority for help with employment problems they have been unable to resolve ...
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Mother and son wanting to claim refugee status in New Zealand

Claiming Refugee Status To Stay In New Zealand

Refugee or protected person status is a legal status as detailed below: A refugee is a person who meets the ...
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3 builders working on a building site wearing helmets and visibility vests, while piles of wood and construction materials surround them, discuss about Sunset Clause scoped within property Law.

How The Sunset Clause Works For New Builds

In legal terms, a sunset clause is a condition included in a contract that says if a specified event hasn't ...
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A girl wearing a mask and striped jumper is holding her dad's hand while walking to see her mom as part of a family law shared parenting arrangement during COVID 19.

Shared Parenting Guide During COVID-19

Is the family court still operating during the COVID-19 lockdown? The New Zealand Courts are considered to be an essential ...
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Written text of anti-money laundering appearing behind torn brown paper.

What Is Anti-Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing

Money laundering is a process that criminals use to ‘clean’ their money that they make from dealing in illegal matters, ...
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