Drafting a Will with a lawyer to secure assets and the future of family.

creating a will

A Will records how you want your assets to be distributed upon your death. We can help make this process as simple and easy as possible for you.

Drafting a Will with a lawyer to secure assets and the future of family.

1. What Is A Will?

A Will is a formal, legal document setting out how you want your estate to be distributed upon your death, including who will be responsible for the Administration and who will receive your assets.

2. Why Do You Need it?

Your Will records your intentions for your property upon your death. Without a Will, how those assets will be distributed is decided in accordance with the prescribed law under the Administration Act 1969. The Administration Act sets out orders of heirarchy and prescribed amounts of who is entitled to receive your estate, and how much each person is entitled to. Having a valid Will allows you to distribute your estate in a manner you deem appropriate.

3. What Do I Need To Draft A Will?

We have created a comprehensive checklist outlining the information we will need to draft your Will. You can complete this with as much, or as little, detail as you feel appropriate. The most important part is telling us what you want to happen to your assets upon your death – we will help curate a Will that meets your intentions.

Start Drafting Your Will

Obtaining a Will to administer your estate upon your death is an important milestone. Our preliminary checklist will assist us in drafting a bespoke Will to formalise your wishes. 

If you would like to engage us to draft your Will, you can fill out our checklist below and we will finalise the rest!

Please refresh the page after saving your progress. 

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