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Our capabilities cross a diverse range of legal services, making us your preferred legal partner for a wide range of legal issues.

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Māori Legal Issues

We provide advice in relation to all aspects of te Tiriti o Waitangi claims, Māori Land Law and Post-Settlement Governance. We represent claimants before the Māori Land Court as well as the Waitangi Tribunal in historical Inquiries, Urgent Inquiries and Kaupapa Inquiries.
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Relationship Property Law

We can draft and advise on Contracting Out Agreements if you are considering entering a de facto relationship, getting married, entering in a civil union and/or want to protect your assets. In the event of separation or divorce, we draft and advise on Separation and Relationship Property Agreements. We also assist with issues surrounding spousal and child maintenance and court proceedings in the Family Court.

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Property Law

We can help you through the lifecycle of property ownership. From buying and selling property, to completing loan arrangements, forming trusts, completing Wills, advising you on the implications of property ownership in relationships, completing Powers of Attorney and dealing with your property in the event of death.

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Family Law

We assist with any aspects relating to children, including childcare and parenting arrangements, relocation, guardianship, and adoption. We advise on child support, care of children, Oranga Tamariki, and provide support with Family Dispute Resolution. We also assist in domestic violence cases and can help you obtain protection orders to protect you and your children.

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Estate Planning

Planning for the future may include preparing a Will, Powers of Attorney, and restructuring your asset ownership is also part of our legal service. When a loved one dies, you may need to apply to administer their estate, or may need representation in relation to the same.

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Environmental & Planning Law

We assist where legislation or planning documents impact on what you can or cannot do with your land, business, home, or resources. We advise on new resource management legislation. We help with urban planning, infrastructure development and environmental issues.

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Legal Service


Family trusts are an excellent way to protect your assets for the long term so that you and your family can have peace of mind over your financial security now and in the future.

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Legal Service

Employment Law

We advise on employer obligations, provide guidelines on hiring staff, assist with employee performance issues, restructures, personal grievances and disputes. We help organisations meet their health and safety obligations.

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Refugee & Human Rights Law

It is not straightforward to obtain refugee and protected-person status and there are several key criteria that you must fit to receive asylum. Our team are passionate about helping refugees find asylum in New Zealand.

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