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Our logo tells a story of manaakitanga and represents a gift or offering.

We celebrate women coming together to share a bond, chat, laugh, and console one another, all while binding harakeke in order to make a harakeke putiputi. A flower. The gift. An offering of manaakitanga.

Flax, harakeke putiputi, a Māori word of a flower made using one flax blade.

Each horizontal and vertical form represents a reed of flax that overlaps and folds in a clockwise direction. The putiputi becomes stronger with each fold, overlapping in a clockwise direction. This harakeke process becomes large scale, square in nature, and reminds us of traditional weaving pastimes in which women gather and take responsibility for a particular area, weaving and binding each corner, working together in unison. Together, a selection of harvested flax reeds represents different experiences and expertise coming together in collaboration.

The icon is presented to us in a flat form, a dissected harakeke putiputi lying flat before it is folded and in bloom. The extended lines that point in the direction of 3,6,9,12 o’clock resemble arms held out in an embrace. Vertical lines represent a pā. These pillars also represent pou whenua, a carved wooden post to mark territory or place of significance. Angles represent the fold of the flax, often curved and uneven in nature, these angles simulate the fold of a flax reed but also capture femininity.

The icon represents a calm, graceful but strong beauty that distracts us from the stress associated with legal issues. Symmetrical and balanced, the Dixon & Co logo creates a poignant start of a journey, we travel clockwise with it and end in strength to start the cycle once more.

The colour format shows a gradual gradient change as our eyes follow the logo in the clockwise direction. Not only does this represent the colours of harakeke from harvest to its most aged form, but the transition in colour symbolises change, movement and growth. The brand logo colours are plucked from nature and depicted in softer tones to blend and create a delicate and empathetic quality, an approach that is necessary when building strong and trusting relationships with clients who are dealing with challenging situations.

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