First Home Buyer K Batterton

Jul 4, 2022

Had an amazing experience with the team at Dixon & Co Lawyers! As a first-time home buyer, we found the whole experience super easy and we were well looked after! Thank you so much for your awesome communication and professionalism. We reside outside of Auckland and Izzy met with us on multiple occasions to go over documents. Thank you, ladies, we always highly recommend you!

K Batterton



Property Law

We can help you through the lifecycle of property ownership. From buying and selling property, to completing loan arrangements, forming trusts, completing wills, advising you on the implications of property ownership in relationships, completing powers of attorney and dealing with your property in the event of death.

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What Can Be Done About Defamation?

What Can Be Done About Defamation?

What can be done if, during the course of litigation, false allegations or untrue statements about your character are made?

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