Estate of S Warbrick

Jun 1, 2022

Kia Ora, After my Mum’s passing in January 2021, I was struggling with where to start being one of the Executors of her Estate and what requirements were needed.

My brother was the other Executor and with his mental health issues and apprehensiveness I found myself doing it solo and unbeknown to myself legally there was a lot to do. Dixon & Co Lawyers were tasked with the administration of the estate, probate application and completing a shared property agreement. I was totally at ease with them, they were completely transparent at each stage of the process and always kept me informed even going the extra mile with correspondence and phone calls outside of office hours. Even with the Covid restrictions and challenges I was always made to feel like I mattered and wasn’t just another client. There were numerous roadblocks and difficulties and my stress levels were tested to the maximum but Kelly Dixon and the team at Dixon & Co Lawyers were very empathetic, patient and understanding. With their guidance we were able to complete everything within the time frames we were challenged with.

I can whole heartedly recommend them and without their perseverance, manaakitanga and aroha they all showed I wouldn’t have been able to get through the last year and feel extremely satisfied with all works completed. I can’t thank Kelly Dixon and the team enough and it was my pleasure to have worked alongside them all during this challenging past year. I am so grateful and very appreciative of what we all achieved together.

S Warbrick


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Estate Planning

Planning for the future may include preparing a Will, Powers of Attorney, and restructuring your asset ownership. When a loved one dies, you may need to apply to administer their estate, or may need representation in relation to such.

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What Can Be Done About Defamation?

What Can Be Done About Defamation?

What can be done if, during the course of litigation, false allegations or untrue statements about your character are made?

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