Property Law

With ongoing changes to the laws regarding property ownership, we can advise you on the best way to protect your assets for the long term so that you and your family can have peace of mind over your financial security now and in the future.

Why Do I Need A Property Lawyer?

Lawyers are trained to understand and advise on the implications of buying and selling property. Conveyancing of a property extends far beyond the transfer of legal title. Your reasons for buying and selling, your family and financial circumstances, your plans, and expectations for your own future and that of your family, and what happens to the property when you die are just some of the issues a property lawyer will consider and discuss with you.

A good property lawyer can help you:

  • EBuy and sell your property.
  • EComplete loan arrangements with your bank and other lenders.
  • EForm a company for your business if required.
  • EForm a family trust and put all or part of your property into it if required.
  • EComplete a Will giving your property to your family or others when you die.
  • EAdvise you on the implications of property ownership in relationships other than marriage.
  • EComplete powers of attorney allowing others to deal with your property if you are overseas or incapacitated.
  • EDeal with your property in the event of your death.

How Can We Help?

  • EResidential property sales and purchase
  • EConveyancing
  • EBuilding contracts, including house and land packages
  • ESale and purchase of commercial and industrial properties
  • EProperty due diligence
  • ELarge and small-scale residential property developments/subdivisions.
  • EMortgage finance and refinance
  • EOwnership structures
  • EKiwsaver withdrawals and home grants
  • EProperty Sharing Agreements (PSA’s)

Need a Property Lawyer?

Buying and selling property can be stressful, with real financial risk if you fail to get proper legal advice from the beginning. Seeing a property lawyer before you sign any documentation is the best way to ensure that your interests are protected, both at the time of sale or purchase, and in the future.

New Zealanders enjoy owning their own homes and buying a property will be one of your biggest investments. Therefore, whether you are buying or selling your first home or your third, you want the experience to be positive and rewarding.

If things go wrong, having your lawyer involved from the outset means that the right action can be taken quickly to avoid incurring legal liability and to ensure that the matter doesn’t proceed to litigation, unless absolutely necessary.

Buying And Selling Property

property law

Who We Help?

With limited protection for buyers of homes and other property under New Zealand law, we take the saying “buyer beware” seriously, helping our clients to get their documentation in order to ensure a smooth settlement process. If you are looking to buy or sell property, need to protect your interests in an existing property, or developing property and need to ensure a Timely turnaround, we can help.

Couple sitting on the porch thinking about Protecting Assets When Entering Relationships

Protecting Your Assets When Entering Relationships

Are you entering a relationship and are worried that your new partner could take everything you’ve worked hard for if your relationship was to end? We can help you achieve freedom in your relationship knowing that your future is secured.


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