Relationship Property Law

We understand the importance of relationships and ensuring that your finances and property are protected. Every relationship is different, so we take the time to understand your individual needs so that we can tailor a solution to meet your requirements, both now and for the future.

Our solicitors are highly experienced, so we can help you navigate through all stages of family and relationship property law. If you are considering a new relationship, or separating from your spouse or partner, you may require one of the following services.

Our Services

  • EDrafting and advising on Contracting Out Agreements (also known as Pre-nuptial Agreements) if you are considering entering a de facto relationship, getting married, entering into a civil union and/or want to protect your assets.
  • EDrafting and advising on Separation and Relationship Property Agreements in the event of separation or divorce.
  • ESpousal and child maintenance (financial support from your partner or spouse).
  • ECourt proceedings (if appropriate).

Need help with dissolving a marriage?

Separation and Relationship Property Agreements (Contracting Out Agreements)

At the end of your relationship, you and your ex-partner will need to divide your relationship assets. 

We understand that separating from your spouse or partner is a difficult process. Many clients are not sure that they wish to separate but need to explore their options with a trusted advisor. We can also offer advice around seeking mediation or counseling through the Family Court should you wish to undertake this as a first step.

We can advise on the division of assets under the Property (Relationships) Act if separation does proceed. We can offer advice on the care of children, and, if appropriate, on the dissolution of your marriage should the matter come to this.

Divorce: The Dissolution of Marriage

An application for an order dissolving marriage (commonly known as a divorce) can be made after two years of separation and one of the parties must be domiciled in New Zealand.

A dissolution is obtained by application to the Family Court either by one party on their own or by both parties together.

Our team can advise you on the practicalities of each option and prepare and submit the necessary application to the Family Court on your behalf.

Need help with dissolving a marriage? Get in touch with our trusted team today.

relationship property law

Who We Help?

We help individuals protect their assets whether starting a new relationship or during an existing relationship. If your relationship has ended, we can help you separate your property from your former spouse or partner, ensuring financial freedom for the future.

Couple sitting on the porch thinking about Protecting Assets When Entering Relationships

Protecting Your Assets When Entering Relationships

Are you entering a relationship and are worried that your new partner could take everything you’ve worked hard for if your relationship was to end? We can help you achieve freedom in your relationship knowing that your future is secured.

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