Family Law Client

Jun 1, 2022

Amy is an outstanding person to have represent you.

You couldn’t ask for better.   Not only is she intelligent and well versed with the law she is an excellent guide through some of the more emotional moments that undoubtedly arise during family break ups.  Gives you the advice you need not always the advice you want.  She keeps you focused.  Couldn’t recommend more highly.

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Family Law

We assist with any aspects relating to children, including childcare and parenting arrangements, relocation, guardianship, and adoption. We advise on child support, care of children, Oranga Tamariki, and provide support with Family Dispute Resolution. We also assist in domestic violence cases and can help you obtain protection orders to protect you and your children.

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What Can Be Done About Defamation?

What Can Be Done About Defamation?

What can be done if, during the course of litigation, false allegations or untrue statements about your character are made?

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